Manga: "The Assimilation"Anime: "The Fusion" Kami was way, waay weaker than Piccolo at the time. Piccolo's fusion with Kami allowed Piccolo to go from below SSJ to equaling #17's full power. Nail himself again noted that Piccolo would have been far stronger than Frieza had he and Kami been fused, before offering to fuse instead. In Kakarot, Nail states that Namekian Fusion between himself and Piccolo will boost Piccolo's power by at least tenfold.[9]. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Piccolo fought with Cell, holding the upper hand, although Cell may've just been holding back because he wanted to test out Piccolo. Even with that fact, Piccolo was still able to hold his own against Saoenel and Pirina -- the Universe 6 Namekians who had fused with their entire race of people. In Dragon Ball Heroes, King Piccolo is able to fuse with Kami. Equipment Weighted Clothing. This was inspired by Piccolo's own vast change in heart, with the former villain having truly become one of the good guys. RELATED: Dragon Ball: The Power of Future Trunks' Brave Sword, Explained. Because Kami loses his body after the fusion, the Dragon Balls turn to stone and the Black Star Dragon Balls were restored as well as the Nameless Namekian essentially became whole again through Piccolo's fusion with Kami, as Piccolo is the reincarnation of Kami's pure evil half, the Demon King Piccolo. During the Android Saga, Kami, fearful of the power of the oncoming threat, agrees to unite with Piccolo once again. Nail was the most powerful warrior on his planet, but even he was no match for Frieza. With Kami's energy, Piccolo was able to go toe-to-toe with Android 17 and Cell in his Imperfect form. With this power-up, he is able to fight against Android 17 evenly for a short period of time. Dragon Ball: Could a Goku/Bulma Romance Have Worked? Like his father, this Piccolo initially had ambitions to conquer the Earth, with violence and vengeance being his only true emotions. The splitting of Kami and Piccolo did not cause their power to be half of the Nameless Namekians power. However his later fusion with Kami appears as a transformation called True Namekian Fusion which allows Piccolo to access his Super Namekian power. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save a young Gohan, who leads a voyage to his homeworld of Namek to use their Dragon Balls to revive him and Kami. Fused with Kami Piccolo uses the Namekian Fusion with Kami and becomes a Super Namek. Dende is a diminutive young Namekian whose appearance hides an incredible mystical potential. It consists of a turban and a cape. The technique returns during the Universe Survival Saga, with Universe 6's Saonel and Pilina fusing with many of their fellow Namekians so they would be strong enough to be a part of Team Universe 6. Battle as a Namekian Piccolo can use his Assimilation Active Skill to assimilate Nail at the 5th turn from the start of battle which turns him into Piccolo (Assimilated). He was instrumental not only in speaking his native language to summon Porunga, the Namekian dragon, but also using his power to heal the fallen Z Fighters.       &       Clothing that is worn to wear down the user's speed and to serve as training garments. Early on in DragonBall Z Abridged, Kami often spoke in a wheezy, old voice (making him sound exactly like the Third Hokage from Naruto Abridged Series). However, as both Kami and the Nameless Namekian were Dragon Clansmen, Piccolo apparently inherited some Dragon Clan abilities, given that his life is tied to the Black Star Dragon Balls, though they are apparently not of the same caliber of a normal Dragon Clansmen like Dende as Piccolo never attempted to depower the Black Star Dragon Balls like Dende did with the Earth's Dragon Balls in Online and instead choose to die with the Earth as it was destroyed by the side effect of the Black Star Dragon Balls use to ensure their destruction. It is implied that the dominant Namekian of the fusion effects the Namekian's type as Piccolo was implied to be more Warrior-type than Dragon Clan, as he could not restore the Earth's Dragon Balls despite a Dragon Clansmen like Dende being capable of making multiple sets of Dragon Balls in both Dragon Ball Online and the Xenoverse series. Users In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Percel mentions going to a timeline where King Piccolo has absorbed Kami and his Super Namekian strength allows him to give birth to Mutated Namekians capable of waging war against both the Red Ribbon Androids and the Organization of Babidi. Both the host and his partner maintain separate consciousnesses: while the host has control of the body, the partner can watch from inside and is capable of speaking with the host's consent; during his fight with Imperfect Cell, Piccolo gives Kami credit for coming up with the idea of playing possum in order to extract information from Cell. He is also one of the rare Super Nameks. Metamoran Fusion Dance. Gast Carcolh is a primary user of this type of fusion, having inside of him the incorporated powers of Nail, Elder Guru, and several other Nameks. However it is unknown if Piccolo and Kami's fusion was stronger than Nameless Namekian before his fission as Piccolo was already exceptionally powerful due to his training and previous fusion with Nail, which may have effected the power of his resulting fusion with Kami, which was greater than an untrained Super Saiyan and on par with Android 17. Nail and Kami in Piccolo's mind during the Tournament of Power. When he replaces Kami as Earth's guardian, he uses another native Namekian ability to create Dragon Balls, restoring the Earth Dragon Balls that had been rendered inert because of Piccolo's fusion with Kami. Assimilation[1][2] Soon, he even begins wearing Kami's clothes and using his cane. The potara Kamiccolo might actually be the same strength as regular Kamiccolo. During the Assemble Warriors of Universe 6 story event, Saonel and Pilina are shown on Namek in Universe 6 and Saonel notes Namek has gone quiet since they assimilated their brethren to gain enough power to compete in the Tournament of Power. Namekian Fusion (融合, Yūgō; lit. Despite the various signs that Damon's gimmick is not invisibility, Piccolo fails to understand until it's too late. Piccolo's merging with Kami is slightly different from the earlier one with Nail, what happened with Nail was a traditional Namekian Fusion between separate entities, but Piccolo and Kami are spiritually linked because they are both sourced from the same Namekian.