And the Rubico Prime along with Chroma Prime and Gram Prime have arrived in Warframe. So, Rubico Prime parts scattered across seven different relics: Axi L5, Meso E2 that drop Rubico Prime Stock What is the best rubico prime build for eidolon hunting (without using chroma) And also what's the best riven stats? Unless you wanna buy the Prime access Rubico Prime Relics. Along with Chroma Prime access, we’ve got Rubico Prime and Gram Prime. The old build for my eidolon rubico used heavy caliber, but when i asked my clan and looked at other builds alot of them do not have it why? The new version is now available for all members if it is public, or by those who have the link if it is private. Rubico Prime is currently the best sniper rifle in the game, boasting incredible Critical stats and Damage while still having good firing rate, status and more than 2 shots in the magazine. cc+cd+ms and a harmless negative, dont put serration or damage stats on riven because chroma does not boost that damage so you get more damage with other mods. Like & Subscribe for more Warframe! Rubico Prime is a very slow weapon ( Slow Firerate or Reload Speed ), the damage doesn't work well without buffs, low ammunition. The Rubico Prime is the Primed variant of the revolver-style Rubico Sniper Rifle, boasting higher damage, critical chance, status chance, fire rate, and reload speed, but with a reduction in zoom. Currently this build can orange-crit with pretty much every hit and has a 8.4/10.6 multiplier - Hits like a truck. This weapon deals primarily Impact damage. Rubico Prime Relics. It was released alongside Chroma Prime and Gram Prime. one for eidolons and one for general use. Warframe: RUBICO PRIME | BEST EIDOLON HUNTER + OTHER BUILDS I have a riven with +60.8% crit damage +78% crit chance +1.6 punch through -45.2 status duration. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Do you want to reset the current build and lose all the modifications ? grineer. Rubico Prime Build. Advantages: High Impact damage effective against shields. Highest basecritical … Price: 75 platinum | Trading Volume: 321 | Get the best trading offers and prices for Rubico Prime Set infested. I’ve already written about the farming guide for Chroma, let’s find out where we can get Rubico and Gram Prime parts from. Tenno. Hows this for a Rubico P build? You have to pratice to get used to the 7x Zoom if you want maximum Critical Damage buff else it would be difficult to look at close range, which always happens in Tridolons Run. corpus. Any suggestions? Today I'll be showing you which relics you'll need to farm to get Rubico Prime and where you can farm these relics. I was wondering. Im trying to build a rubico prime build. Rubico Prime . Ambush Optics Mind sharing? ... rubico. Can I please ask for help on a good Rubico build? Hey guys. The build has been edited and saved in the database.

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