And, the most important ingredient in Indian dessert is “Patience”. Keep stirring at regular intervals and allow the milk to reduce down to half the quantity. the voice and the thought behind this website. recipe notes: Use freshly made paneer instead of refrigerated store bought paneer. You will be able to see the milk solids separate from the liquid. Easy, quick & made with ingredients you always have in the fridge, this instant Kalakand recipe by Mansi Desai is pure magic, both to cook & to taste. Before, it takes quite a long time to make this sweet delicacy as we need to curdle the milk first. Don’t stir constantly. Please reply…. My mouth is watering, it looks so good. It is made with mainly two ingredients – milk and sugar. I know many of you will cringe at the fact that you have to thicken the milk and make paneer at home. In a heavy bottom pan add milk and let it come to a boil.Mix citric acid in 1.5 tbsp of water and mix well and keep aside. 4 Fun Quarantine-Friendly Snacks For Kids • Tasty Recipes It is typically prepared during special occasions and festivals. Stir occasionally and let it reduce to half its quantity. KEEP THE FLAME LOW. You can always do that if you are in a hurry. Spread the mixture in a greased plate and level it with a greased spatula.The thickness of kalakand should be around 1/2 inch . In a nonstick pan or heavy bottom pan add the condensed milk and heat it for a minute.Add crumbled paneer(no need to mash the paneer,just crumble it) in it and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes . Reply. Take your time, look around my blog, enjoy the ambiance, and most importantly try these delectable recipes! Instant Kalakand is a popular and traditional Indian sweet .The traditional way of making Kalakand is very time consuming, but using paneer/cottage cheese make it easy and quick. Your email address will not be published. Kalakand is moist, juicy, tastes delicious & has a delicate grainy texture. Mix well over medium-low flame. Also, tag me with #recipemagik on Instagram. Kalakand- Indian milk fudge made with condensed milk and cottage cheese. The granular or (danedar) texture is the main highlight of this festive Indian dessert. I’m sharing this recipe because first of all, Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and I thought this Instant Kalakand is a lovely option for this occasion. The granular or (danedar) texture is the main highlight of this festive Indian dessert. Wow what a recipe……can you please post mathura ka peda recipe my husband love it….but I can't find any good recipe for that….please post it …this is a request. Put a muslin cloth over a strainer and strain the curdled milk in it.Wash it well with fresh water to remove all the traces of citric acid . Malai paneer works best for Kalakand. Kalakand recipe can’t get easier and better than this one. I am Anjana Chaturvedi, and I share on this blog traditional vegetarian and vegan recipes from India, that have been handed down to me from my mother, aunts, and grandmothers. Bring the milk to a boil and add the Vinegar while stirring. Stay connected. This recipe tastes just like store-bought mithai! If you are in a hurry you can chill for an hour in the freezer. Always use fresh quality of FULL CREAM milk while making Kalakand. Definitely trying this very soon, this is scrumptious and delightful dessert, amazing vark of silver on them, and well plated as well, love the tenderness. Looks stunning and very irresistible..Fantastic kalakand. Grease a tray or plate with butter/ghee. Kalakand | Milk Powder Kalakand | Instant Kalakand is one of the most popular Indian sweet. Milk Powder brings a creamy and royal texture to this Kalakand. Since this is largely based on the milk solids (paneer) – I have described the paneer process as well for making this recipe in the video, as a lot of people do not have easy access to paneer, or good quality paneer. Kalakand Recipe Video – Easy Indian Dessert Recipe – Quick Kalakand Recipe Video by Lata Jain; Super Moist Fruit Cake Recipe for Christmas /Simple and Easy Boiled Fruit Cake Recipe; Food wars: Healthy snacks vs. junk food; ROASTED RED PEPPER PATE || Quick, easy, vegan recipe! Moreover, I prefer to make Paneer at home. Stir very slowly, just until everything combines and the mixture thickens. this exotic milk based sweet is also known as kalakand which was traditionally originated from rajasthan. Usually, the traditional Kalakand Recipe is done by simmering the milk for hours and it is definitely a long procedure. "Maayeka" means a mother's home. looking for more sweet recipes, do check my 15 minute diwali sweets and 7 diwali sweets video. I know many people will tell you to make Kalakand with Condensed Milk. Kalakand is a scrumptious, rich sweet dish that is a staple in most Indian homes, particularly in the North. And, later on, it takes about 12 hours to set it completely. Basically, “Milk Powder” is the secret ingredient to actually make your Kalakand set quicker. If you like softer kalakand that you can eat with a spoon, do not put it in the refrigerator to cool down. Replies. Keep stirring the mixture otherwise it may stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. Reply. A rather fancy way of having nuts and milk together , You can also try these delicious Dessert and sweets –, Filed Under: Bengali Cuisine, Desserts /Sweet dishes /Mithai, Vrat ka khana/Food for fasting Tagged With: Desserts, fudge, Indian sweets, KALAKAND, Milk, milk cake, Mithai, paneer, vrat ka khana. Keeping this in mind, we have a delicious dessert recipe … It's a quick and easy recipe for a popular north Indian dessert made at home in 25 minutes with the help of a few shortcut ingredients. Yummy and mouthwatering! It takes about 20-minutes to make this. Anonymous October 29, 2008 5:39 PM. Instant kalakand for a quick fix solution to all your cravings for the perfect desi mithai today. Hi, I'm Anjali - Thank you for stopping by at However, the traditional recipe takes hours to make, involving complex steps and multiple pots and pans. Grease a bowl with some ghee and transfer the paneer-mixed milk to it. Wow!! But, If you want to go by the traditional route, you ought to make Paneer at home. A mother of twins looking to make life pretty through little things. You can also add a large amounts of finely chopped nuts to make it a slightly more crunchy and nutty kalakand – almost like a cross between my very popular Anjeer ki Burfi  and Kalakand. Crumble the paneer and add to it and mix to get a thick consistency. And, maybe nobody will know the difference when the Kalakand comes out, but trust me our taste buds would know.! But this is a quicker and instant recipe to make Paneer Kalakand. Mix well until the Milk thickens. . « Microwave Oreo Cake Recipe, How To Make Oreo Cupcakes In Microwave, Mango Kasundi Recipe, How To Make Mango Kasundi ». Instant Kalakand- Indian milk fudge made with condensed milk and cottage cheese. Refrigerating kalakand will make it harder. Homemade Kalakand with Milk Powder is a delicious Indian dessert recipe made with milk. Delicious and lovely looking kalakand.Deepa, Your email address will not be published. popularly milk cake recipe is prepared during holi, eid, diwali and navaratri festival, but certainly can be prepared without any occasions and served as dessert. Let it chill at room temperature. This recipe is so easy, I'd love to try and make it. Let it thicken. If you are lucky enough to have paneer available handily – you can make this recipe a lot faster by using the ready made paneer. Traditionally, kalakand only consists of solidified milk or khoya. And, it is this time and Patience, that makes the Kalakand so tasty and amazing. So here is MOC’s easy and modern take on this Indian dessert with the same authentic flavors! Cut out the Kalakand into even-sized pieces and serve, White Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers with Peppermint, 2 Liters of Full Cream Milk (0.52 US gal), 2 Teaspoon of Vinegar (you can replace this with lemon juice). I love kalakands and have a jar of condensed milk to be used. You get that actual danedar texture. Kalakand with condensed milk. Add the Chena or Paneer to the reduced and thickened milk. But did you use sweetened condensed milk? Kalakand is an all-time favourite milky mithai in India. Cham September 19, 2008 2:47 PM. Now add milk powder and cook till the mixture started to thicken and started leaving the pan and looks lumpy like a dough.Add chopped pistachio and cardamom powder. Paneer is an innovative addition to this recipe. It … Replies. The recipe gives a moist and granular textured kalakand. Jump to Recipe Jump to Video Print Recipe. So, this is HOW you make THE BEST KALAKAND at home. Add the Kalakand filling in it. Skip this section if you have homemade paneer or store bought ricotta. Allow the milk to thicken. And, trust me an Instant Kalakand is never as good as a traditional Kalakand, which is a labor of love and time . Comes together under 30 mins. What is Kalakand (milk cake)? I used … When milk start boiling add the dissolved citric acid in it.Cook on low flame till the milk curdle completely. You can add ‘feeka sev’ (unsalted sev) to make it a sev burfi, or add a lot of coconut flakes to it to make it a coconut flavoured kalakand. All of these recipes are "Sattvic" - cooked without using any onions or garlics - which are known as "taamsic" or negative ingredients in Ayurveda. Easy Homemade Kalakand Recipe (Step By Step Pictures + Video) Written by Anjali On November 12, 2020 In Desserts, Indian. Add sugar to it and mix. Festivals are incomplete without sweets and super delicious food. But, trust me, the results are worth it. Kalakand Recipe/Diwali Sweets - Kalakand is a popular Indian sweet and is served during festivals and special occasions. Kalakand – a popular Indian dessert which is irreplaceable good. Looks perfect.. Yummy looking kalakand Bookmarked !! Reply Delete. When you make a traditional Kalakand, it feels royal. Do not boil milk for rabri in the same pan where you made paneer. yummy…i love kalakands..and this is so tempting!!!! It will clump together. <3 . As the Milk boils, add the vinegar or lemon juice and stir constantly, so that the Milk curdles. It’s a sweet that I think most people prefer to buy in stores, because of how long it takes to make. Your homemade … Looking for an easy sweet recipe for Raksha Bandhan? This Easy Kalakand recipe makes soft, creamy milk fudge delicately perfumed with cardamom and adorned with chopped pistachios and almonds for a satisfying sweet treat. Beautiful presentation! That true taste which only Halwai’s can make. Add ricotta cheese or Paneer + Milk Powder or Mawa Powder + Condensed Milk to the pan. Well, Instant Kalakand has got you covered. Take 1 tin/can (400 grams) of sweetened condensed milk in a thick bottomed pan or kadai. Well, I’ve come up with a shortcut kalakand recipe that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. For making kalakand crumbled cottage cheese and condensed milk is cooked together, few nuts and cardamom are added at the final stage and a delicious sweet is ready to serve. @Hi vandanaI used sweet condensed milk(milkmaid) in this ,but if that was not available we can also use evaporated or unsweetened condensed milk and sugar. Add the Sugar, Cardamom Powder, and Milk Powder. How to make Instant Kalakand recipe ( step by step pics) 1)In a pan add the ricotta cheese and … They have the goodness of fresh homemade Chenna or cottage cheese, the sweetness from the condensed milk, a drizzle of ghee to mimic the khoya flavor (there’s no khoya in the recipe). Here is a Quick Kalakand, which will help you work out the same magic in your own kitchen albeit consuming much less of your time and effort. No spam mail - your email address will not be shared with anybody ever - promise! Add the chopped nuts and refrigerate for 12 hours. And, as I said, the difference is clear and distinct. Instant Kalakand is a popular and  traditional Indian sweet .The traditional way of making Kalakand is very time consuming, but using paneer/cottage cheese make it easy and quick. !THANK YOU :) Keep blogging! Jump to Recipe Jump to Video Print Recipe. The texture and taste of this homemade recipe are very similar to the one you get in the mithai shops and is very easy to make as well. Whether you are making Moong Dal Halwa or Shahi Tukra or Kalakand, it takes time. The traditional way of making this sweet is a long procedure and takes some time. Once you add paneer to thickened milk, KEEP THE FLAME LOW and stir occasionally. It is extremely delicious and a perfect festive treat. If you would like new recipe posts to be directly delivered to your inbox, ,please provide your email address. Before cutting into pieces thaw it in the refrigerator for at least 30-minutes. You can replace Milk Powder with condensed milk (1/4 cup). Soak out all the water and keep the Chena or Panner in a separate bowl. milk cake recipe | milk cake kalakand sweet recipe | milk cake mithai with step by step photo and video recipe. Add sugar, milk powder, and cardamom powder only after the milk has thickened. I am a professional Dietician and Nutritionist and also the cook, writer, stylist, and photographer behind Recipe Magik. Here, we prepared it quickly and easily using milk powder. Kalakand, also known as milk cake, is a popular Indian dessert. Perfect and very luscious looking kalakand. Check out the recipe. Switch off the flame. Give it a … Kalakand sweet is soft and grainy in texture. It feels spectacular. I know its easier but, trust me there is a clear and visible difference between Kalakand made with condensed milk and kalakand made with broken milk or Milk Powder. Take 1 litre of Full-fat milk in a deep wok. Instead of using the anjeer as a binder for the nuts – you will end up using the kalakand. Hi, I’m Anjali – Thank you for stopping by at And, whenever, I make Kalakand I make sure I use Milk Powder. You can easily replace vinegar with Lemon juice while making paneer or chena or milk solids. The Kalakand should properly set before you cut it out. Drain the water and strain out the milk soilds using a fine-mesh sieve or a muslin cloth. But the method I have shared here is an instant one, which gets finished in 15 minutes. I made the sweet for MBP :) It came out good,thanks for sharing with us Sandeepa! This will take about 20 minutes over a low flame. Once it has cooled down completely transfer it to the fridge and let it chill overnight or at least 10-12 hours. With this quick and simple 3 ingredient recipe, you can make heavenly Kalakand … Don’t be in a hurry. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Instant Kalakand Recipe is a very famous Indian milk cake made from solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. Take the remaining 1 litre of milk in a separate wok. Many people use store-bought paneer and grate it at home. I hope you like this recipe. Watch: How to make Tricolour Kalakand Video – Learn Watch: How to make Tricolour Kalakand Recipe in easy steps. I love the traditional way of making Kalakand because through this way you get the best results. 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Watch Watch: How to make Tricolour Kalakand recipe video online. Home » Easy Homemade Kalakand Recipe (Step By Step Pictures + Video). Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios. Kalakand is a dessert that is made with broken milk solids and thickened milk. You can also use store-bought panner, grate it and use it, instead of making Chena/paneer at home. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Easy Homemade Kalakand Recipe (Step By Step Pictures + Video). Move to one side. So, guys, If you are in a hurry and want to make quick Kalakand, you can use Condensed milk and Store-Bought Paneer. today's post: Traditional Indian Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes. Dear Anjana ji,I love Kalakand. Stir until it CLUMPS and LEAVES THE PAN COMPLETELY. The key to this quick but tasty version is the right ingredients in the right proportions, cooked for just the right time. To add some more texture – you can easily get creative with this recipe. If you happen to make this recipe, then, please provide a rating to this recipe and comment below. Be very patient while making the rabri. Quick Kalakand recipe, Kalakand with step by step photos. Divya. Pour it into a tray (I used my regular 9X11 Baking tray) generously greased with ghee or clarified butter. Tightly tie the cloth and put some weight over it to strain the whey.wait for around 15 minutes. drooling here! Apply silvar vark or sprinkle some chopped nuts over it.Let it set for minimum 25- 30 minutes. Freshly made panner help make kalakand softer and they will be more moist and fresh. Hope you enjoy these recipes and feel free to reach out to me for any questions or feedback! Allow the Milk to come to a boil. I saw your recipe for kalakand today and tried it out immediately (after a trip to the grocery store)..the kalakand came out beautifully!!! In Indian cuisine, making desserts is a work of experience and expertise. Required fields are marked *. Reply Delete. Kalakand – a popular Indian dessert which is irreplaceable good. I learned this trick way back when I got married – about 28 years ago – from my MIL. This slow-simmered milk or Rabri has an excellent taste, which is just so good. Like the Amul can available or do we add unsweetened condensed milk and add sugar or sugar syrup later? A little touch of ground cardamom improves the fragrance and flavor of this rabri magically. You will see the cheese separating into a … Or else this milk will curdle. But, if you are in no hurry and you got lots of time, then you can make “Rabri” at home with Full Fat Milk and Milk Powder, and also make “Paneer” at home! The true essence of the festival lies in the enjoyment with all the loved ones and indulging in your favourite foods. these look absolutely fab! I hope you enjoyed your time reading through some of my contents. Even out the top with the spatula. If you want to use then make sure you wash it with soap water properly and then use it to thicken the milk. Make Kalakand recipe in easy and simple steps. The mixture will be granular and will start to leave the bottom of the pan. Moreover, it’s so much fun!

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