The fort was famously used for the production of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator in 2000 and other productions partly filmed there include Troy (2004), Agora (2009) and Assassin’s Creed (2016). 2 months ago "DEREK JAMES BEVAN" Troy, Gladiator, The Devil’s Double, Agora and Assassin’s Creed were all shot at the 17th century fort. Gladiator (2000) dir. The scenes set in Ancient Rome were filmed in Fort Ricasoli, Malta, where the production created a replica of … Gladiator was the second highest-grossing film of 2000. The first season of Game of Thrones used the fort to represent The Red Keep. Cam on-line since: 06/01/2013. The film was shot in three main locations: the Bourne Woods, Surrey, England; Ouarzazate, Morocco; Fort Ricasoli, Malta. In modern days, however, you’ll find that Fort Ricasoli appears most frequently in films. Big names including Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Ridley Scott all praised Fort Ricasoli as an ideal place to make movies. Fort Ricasoli, the largest for in Malta, was built between 1670 and 1698 and it has been on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1998. Where: Fort Ricasoli, St. Rocco Street, Il-Kalkara KKR 9062 This won’t be the last time you’ll read the words ‘Fort Ricasoli’ on this list. Gladiator Locations Map It was attacked several times by German dive bombers, suffering serious destruction. Gladiator is a 2000 epic historical drama film directed by Ridley Scott and written by David Franzoni, John Logan, and William Nicholson. Gladiator was heavily influenced by both The Fall of the Roman Empire and Spartacus, two Hollywood ‘sword and sandals’ epics from the 1960s. Built by the Knights of Malta in the late 16th century to protect the harbor from land and naval attacks, the largely intact Fort Ricasoli is now closed to the public and only used by the Malta Film Commission for period movies like Gladiator and Troy. So “Gladiator” rebuilt Rome in nearby Fort Ricasoli, which juts out into the sea. Fort Ricasoli. The film was jointly produced and released by DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures. Just for curiosity: Fort Ricasoli and its walls have been chosen and used as a filming location for successful films such as Gladiator, Agora, Helen of Troy and Julius Caesar. Comments. Much of the Fort which is still safe to use is leased to the Malta Film Commission, and this means that a lot of people can use the Fort to film in. Fort Ricasoli was used as a filming location for the movie Gladiator. Ridley Scott. Films like Gladiator and Assassins Creed are shot there, as well as naturally Game of Thrones. The Fort continued to be an active military installation throughout the British period and it played an important role during World War II. Most of the fort is leased to the Malta Film Commission, and it has been used extensively as a location for various films and serials.

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