Like the Thuja Green Giant, it reaches about 15 to 20 feet after three years, but is much taller at its mature height, measuring 40 to 60 feet. 23. 02 of 07 'Autumn Blaze' Maple. Silver Maple. 20-30 feet. Brian North/Getty Images . Although not strictly necessary in most cases, watering your tree during dry spells will keep it on the fast track to elevated heights. Although this tree’s growth rate is not as quick growing as other maples, this specimen adds real beauty to any yard because of its delicate leaves and graceful shape. Plant trees and enjoy them for years to come. Proper maintenance and care will ensure that your tree grows at the optimal speed. Easy-to-Care-for Ornamental Trees for Landscape, U.S. Department of Agriculture: Silver Maple, Missouri Botanical Garden: Acer Saccharinum, Cal-Poly Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: Big-Tooth Maple, Cal-Poly Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: Red Maple, Cal-Poly Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: Columnar Red Maple, Cal-Poly Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: Autumn Blaze Red Maple. Its mature height may be 80 feet with a 70-foot spread, according to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Fast Growing Maple Trees - Autumn Blaze Red Maple - October Glory Red Maple - Red Maple - Silver Maple - Box Elder Maple - Sugar Maple - Green Mountain Sugar Maple - Flame Amur Maple - Legacy Sugar Maple - Shantung Maple - Tatarian Maple Like many other types of maple trees, this Canadian maple tree prefers full-sun exposure and a variety of soil conditions. But the quintessential red maple tree, although lovely, is only one maple choice. Or, as Warren Roberts, longtime superintendent of the UC Davis Arboretum, puts it: "A fast-growing tree is one you can sit in the shade of, five to six years after planting." It is very cold-hardy (down to -40ºF!) The Leyland Cypress is easily pruned and has aesthetically pleasing foliage … Kanzan Cherry Trees. Its bright red foliage in the fall is a huge hit. Maples Provide Shade. But this tree is also known for being extremely low maintenance. If you're looking for quick landscape shade, the diminutive Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) can't compete with its fast-growing maple cousins, but stands out as a specimen plant due to its graceful shape and delicate leaves. grandidentatum, USDA zones 4 through 8) is a western native, growing from Vancouver to the Mexican border. The "red" in red maple not only refers to its brilliantly colored red fall foliage but also its red spring flowers and red seeds. Bigtooth fall color is in shades of red, orange and yellow. The American sycamore, lombardy poplar, silver maple, and weeping willow are the fastest growing zone 9 shade trees. They can all grow more than 5 feet in one year especially when they are young trees. The bigtooth maple (A. saccharum var. Once you have finished planting sugar maple trees, they will grow at a slow to medium rate. And as always, well-drained soil is ideal for your Maple Trees. More Fast Growing Trees. One of the most recommended fast growing shade trees is the hybrid poplar, which can grow up to 8 feet per year, and mature at about 40' to 50' high. Mimosa Tree (Albizia julibrissin) 3 feet and up. A perfect tree for bottomlands, it also does well in dry soils. Fast Growing Maple Trees come in a Variety of Colors, Sizes and Types for your Landscaping Needs . Genetics may dictate average maple tree growth rate and ultimate height, but the growth of an individual tree is also influenced by environmental factors including soil chemistry, neighboring vegetation, rainfall and pollution. and can be grown in most parts of the US. Silver maples grow faster than any other maple, but red maples are fast-growing, too. Zones 4-8. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. From around the world, here are six fast growing trees that will thrive in full sun. Make sure the trees you select are hardy in your area, suited to the growing conditions and will fit the available space once mature. The lovely red coloring, a good branch structure and a faster growth rate make the red sunset maple a welcome enhancement to any yard or public space. If you’re looking for fast shade, try a silver maple (A. saccharinum, USDA zones 3 through 9). The fastest growing variety of the Freeman Maple is a tree called ‘Autumn Blaze’ which can reach 50 ft to 60 ft in height with an oval width of 40 ft to 50 ft. If you have space for a tree, consider a maple (Acer spp. Although it does not grow as fast as silver maple, bigtooth’s roots grow more deeply, so it’s safer to plant near a driveway or other paved surface. American linden (Tilia americana) Red oak (Quercus rubra) Freeman maple (Acer x freemanii) Sargent cherry (Prunus sargentii) Is a Silver Maple a Good Choice for Shade in a Front Yard? A sugar maple tree growing in deep, well-drained soil is happiest. If you want fast growing shade trees that stand out in the middle of your garden, plant a Japanese maple tree. Sarah Verkaik / 500px / Getty Images Kanzan Cherry Trees (Prunus serrulata ‘Kanzan’) grow quickly and beautifully for small spaces such as patios. It can easily be grown as a hedge thanks to its multi-stemmed natural habit and can be maintained by pruning once per year. Fast-growing maples are known for helicopter seeds and stunning leaves. Other fast-growing trees include Paulownia imperialis, which can grow up to 4.5m a year. The downside to this tree, in addition to its aggressive production of spring litter, is that such rapid growth produces soft wood that splits easily in wind or under ice. Silver maple is a graceful, fast-growing type of maple tree that does best planted in moist locations away from buildings because they tend to drop branches easily. Fastest Growing Trees Like Maple Trees Are One of The Fastest of All Growing . The fast-growing tree, which is a cross between the red and silver maple, offers the best of both worlds. For now, feel free to continue reading. St. Bonaventure University notes that this tree grows three to seven feet each year. Red maples self hybridize easily and many hybrids of red and silver maples (Acer x freemanii) are seedless trees that grow reliably fast. Several maple varieties are fast growers and new hybrids combine the best qualities of old favorites. 5. One of the fastest growing maple trees. Follow the correct procedures and use a good fertilizer when planting. The tulip poplar is also a fast growing shade tree. It is also a larger tree and fast growing like the original red maple. Here are a few more fast-growing trees. This fast-growing tree survives rugged conditions, and grows 60 feet tall with a wide spread of 100 feet. They are also often fast-growing shade trees, which is another reason why they rank as one of the most prized landscaping specimens. Red maples are a fairly fast-growing species of maple. Here are 5 fast growing shade trees in Australia and how to grow … Like red maple, 'Autumn Blaze' maples (Acer 'Autumn Blaze,' zones 3–8) are known for their outstanding fall foliage. The Sugar Maple often grows up to 120 feet tall. A collection of the most popular fast growing trees for your landscape. 10-15 feet. Autumn Blaze red maple (Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred,' USDA zones 3 through 8) grows 24 to 36 inches per year. 2 … Fast Growing Sugar Maple For Sale Online $2.50 Many native trees offer beautiful flowers and colourful fruits. The tree will also grow in partial sun, with at least four hours of direct, unfiltered sun every day. Red maple (A. rubrum, USDA zones 3 through 9) has a growth rate of 36 inches per year, reaching a mature height up to 65 feet with a spread of 40 feet. First, refine your notion of fast growing to a growth rate of 1½ to 2 feet per year. You should plant your Maple Tree in an area that gets full to partial sun. Acer saccharinum. Free Growing Tree Maintenance. Red maple trees grow about 36 inches each year and can grow up to 120 feet tall, though they average about 40 to 50 feet. It has the bright orangey red leaves on the tree. If you want your maple tree to grow fast, you should start with a fast-growing species. The Freeman Maple is a hybrid tree that can grow to 75 ft high with leaves that turn a red-orange hue in the fall. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. These trees are also resistant to disease and display visually appealing colors in the fall, including yellow, red, and orange. It has outstanding fall color in fiery reds, oranges, and yellows. Kwanzan Cherry has vibrant pink blooms in spring and grows almost anywhere. A long living tree that has gained popularity in recent years. Freeman’s Maple. A red maple cultivar, columnar red maple (A. rubrum 'Columnare,' USDA zones 3 through 9) also has a growth rate of 36 inches per year, but it's tall and narrow, growing to a mature size of 50 feet by 20 feet. Red maples self hybridize easily and many hybrids of red and silver maples (Acer x freemanii) are seedless trees that grow reliably fast. 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A versatile tree that can be used as a deciduous screen, shade tree to reduce energy cost, and often planted in rows for firewood. Trees bring so much to a garden. It grows in Zones 6 to 10 at a rate of about 3 to 4 feet per year. 15-20 feet. California White Oak: The California White Oak is a native to California and grows in zones 7-11.It is a tree that will end up around 60 feet high and 60 feet wide when it is mature. Fast growing trees for your garden Joe Bates. Order online today for fast delivery. The silver maple is found south from Ontario, throughout the Eastern United States and into Florida. And they’re vital havens for wildlife. It averages as much as 3 to 5 feet per year. They give us a secluded spot to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons. Silver is definitely the right word to describe this maple. Many Maples can be shaped during growth. Dynamite Crape Myrtle (lagerstroemia indica ‘Dynamite’) 3 feet. Thrives best in full sun. Cryptomeria has soft feathery foliage which is great in arrangements, grows in any soil, easy to grow, and has a unique shape. Some varieties can grow up to 120 feet tall and form a canopy spreading about 50 feet wide. Leaves are two-toned, with bright green above, and gray or silver beneath in summer. Some are naturally fast-growing, while others grow slowly. The Top 5 Fast Growing Oak Trees. And the list goes on! With even a light wind, the tree produces a lovely shimmery effect thanks to the silvery undersides of its leaves. Gardens great and small can benefit from trees: for providing shade, a habitat to native birds and their positive contribution to the environment. It can become a canopy that is 50 feet wide. ); their large crowns and fall color make them attractive choices. A very fast-growing tree, up to 5 to 8 feet per year. It’s sturdy and doesn’t have an aggressive root system. Its shallow roots often break the soil surface and it produces a fine litter of seed each spring that can lead to thickets of saplings in moist, well-drained or along streambanks. The soil should be acidic to slightly alkaline. Because the tree is so fast growing, the wood is brittle and branches break off without warning, according to “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees of the World,” … This oak likes it rather dry, so little water is needed after you get it … The Leyland Cypress Tree is the fastest-growing privacy tree and used in horticulture to form screens from the neighbors yards. There are 13 species of maple trees native to North America. These trees have a reputation for being hard to grow, but this is largely undeserved. With proper fertilization, bigtooth maples can reach 35 feet tall with a 30-foot spread. 25 feet. Fall color is yellow with an occasional tinge of red. Don’t despair -- there are many types of maple trees from which to chose. They can create drama and structure. Native to many areas in North America, maples grow in wooded areas from U. S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, though not all species are adaptable to all zones. Compared with many other trees and shrubs they have few pests or diseases and are versatile enough to thrive in locations ranging from full shade to full sun. With attention given to their location in the garden and some minimal care, they will thrive and increase in beauty every year. Silver maple’s deeply lobed leaves are gray-green with silvery undersides that cause the leaves to appear glittery when the wind ruffles through them. One of the first red flowering Crape Myrtles. Classified as a slow grower, this small maple will perform best in the dappled shade of its larger counterparts. Content editor. Most Maples love water and sometimes need extra during drought conditions. Lombardy Poplar grows up to 6 feet a year, easy to grow, great for windbreaks, fast-growing for privacy. Fast Growing and Useful, to a Point. They also have aggressive root systems that can infiltrate sewer systems. Disclosure. All of our trees are top quality and hand selected. So if you are wanting something that will take care of itself, then you might want to consider this … 01 of 06. If you’re like many mobile Americans, you want a tree that grows fast enough to provide shade in a few years. The bark, too, is silver in color, … They can be grown in the garden, in containers and of course they are ideal s… The October glory maple, river birch, and shumard oak trees can grow 2 to 3 feet per year. 24. Flame Amur Maple is our favorite deciduous fast-growing hedge. We suggest that you plant in an area that gets 3 to 6 hours of sun daily, preferably in the morning or early afternoon when the sun isn’t too harsh. The Freeman’s maple is a hybrid variety with gorgeous colorful foliage that reveals itself at the turn of the season in the fall.

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