It may be the beginning of Rapunzel's happily ever after, but this fairytale ending isn't exactly what she dreamed it would be. Young Cassandra heartbroken by her mother's abandonment of her . Ended: 27 Oct, 2020 20:16:13 GMT. In "Beyond the Corona Walls", she picks a fight with Adira and tries to murder her several times. Cassandra gets into Rapunzel’s head and pushes Eugene further away from her. Cassandra is a pale-skinned young woman around Rapunzel's age with dark pink lips, hazel eyes and black bob-cut layered hair with gray highlights. When we see Cassandra and Eugene together, their conversations are always full of heated and endless bickering. losing my mind a little. Rapunzel and Cassandra manage to work their way back to the top until it is just them against the Princesses of Ingvarr. Cassandra and Rapunzel trapped in an underground mine. "The Moon Stone corrupted you, it changed you. Ended: 28 Nov, 2020 20:32:02 GMT. "Wow, you hardly ever let me help you!" Detailed costumes, faces and hair.Also includes a mini Pascal figurine. Random x Reader One-Shots by JC. They have all sorts of adventures while adjusting to life and each other with their friends as they try to solve the mysteries of their new looks and abilities. Ages 3 Years+ Best sellers in Children's eBooks. Rapunzel, Eugene and Cassandra are the main trio of the Tangled TV series, with Rapunzel as the glue that kept together until season three when Cassandra's envy for the princess became one of the reasons she betrayed the two. "I must have hit you harder than I thought." Cassandra is a major character introduced in Tangled: Before Ever After and its follow-up series. To Rapunzel, getting Cassandra to come home, and more importantly return to her former self, was of importance. In Rapunzel and the Great Tree, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and their friends stumble across the Great Tree. And when Varian is taken prisoner, it’s up to Rapunzel to travel to Cass’s new fortress and rescue him! Cassandra is implied to not be straight throughout the series, both for her relationship with Rapunzel, for not having a male love interest and for literally laughing at the idea of being with a men. Dolls H15cm approx.Packaged set H17 x W23 x D4.5cm approx. Young Cassandra getting a music box as a "gift" from her mother. Fandom. 2.4K 124 24. When Cassandra argues that this is an important opportunity for her, Rapunzel agrees that they should focus on winning. They both make it to the final battle and Rapunzel wins because Cassandra accidentally steps out of the ring. Thereinart — Cassandra and Rapunzel swap outfits ! In the … Cassandra's Absolution. Meanwhile, Eugene, Lance, and Cassandra were searching for Rapunzel, having noticed that she's missing. Details about Disney Tangled The Series Doll Bundle - Rapunzel, Flynn, Cassandra & Fidella See original listing. With Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore, Eden Espinosa, M.C. Guts is an incredibly strong manly-man and Griffith, who is nearly as strong but looks like a … Rapunzel wrapped her arms around Cass. Cassandra and Rapunzel briefly reconnect. Thankies Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; Cassandra and Rapunzel swap outfits ! Cassandra lies to Rapunzel to keep her out of the competition, but Rapunzel later learns through Eugene that anyone can enter. Cassandra puts Rapunzel in serious danger, all out of petty pride. "I don't want to attack you Cass, this isn't you!" This item will be sent through the Global Shipping … A Tale of Two Sisters. Thereinart Hello, I'm Lucile, i work in animation in France . Alongside Eugene and Cassandra, Rapunzel quickly learns there is more she needs to discover before she can assume her role as Princess of Corona. Upon getting inside of it, Adira reveals to the company that the tree once was a stronghold of the powerful dark sorcerer Zhan Tiri, thus making Cassandra even more suspicious about her. Cassandra cages Zhan Tiri. Cassandra Guard: Sword Lesbian ™ (S3E6, “Beginnings”) ... hey guys watched the entirety of rapunzel’s tangled adventure these past few weeks with my friends and just. Rapunzel refused at first, not wanting to lose a chance to have a perfect life in her home with her friends and family. The strong loyalty and friendship Rapunzel and Cassandra have towards each other was too awesome not to ship it. : Cassandra's response to Rapunzel while she's trying to explain what Gothel is really like is reminiscent of siblings from an abusive household (not actually far from the truth), especially how deep down Cassandra resented being under Rapunzel's shadow, and then feeling like … Cassandra/Rapunzel (Disney: Tangled) Cassandra (Disney: Tangled) Rapunzel (Disney) Eugene Fitzherbert | Flynn Rider; Adira (Disney) Zhan Tiri; Dark Raps AU; Manipulation; references to lost lagoon; Rapunzel is not being very nice; poor cass; inspired by tovanori on twitter; Summary. When the team split up, Cassandra heard a voice calling her to an open door and she went in. Cassandra chuckled. The Sun and Fox by Kikyo122894. Gainey. The two were best friends, even as Cass quarreled with Eugene on numerous occasions. And icy. 3. Tangled (2010) and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (Tangled The Series) have 4 different incantations, the firt two are songs: Healing Incantation (Rapunzel), Reverse Incantation (Rapunzel) (Zhan Tiri), Moonstone Incantation (Cassandra) and Final or Sun (Sundrop) Incantation (Rapunzel). FAN FICTION. Apr 6, 2019 - Cassandra’s new armor (Rapunzel and the Great Tree; artist unknown) Stay safe and healthy. I own nothing except my OCs. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. With intricate character detail and colourful satin costumes, it includes poseable dolls of Rapunzel, Cassandra and Eugene. Cassandra resurrected. Rapunzel locks Cassandra and Eugene in the dungeon forcing them to work together to solve her riddles to escape. noticed. Details about RARE DISNEY RAPUNZEL AND CASSANDRA DOLL SET, TANGLED: THE SERIES FIGURES See original listing. Rapunzel comes back to Corona and meets her sister, Princess Harmony. Add a photo to this gallery Cassandra will meet Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends get Tangled: Before Ever After. With the wind in her hair, and a fire within, Rapunzel will … Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. The episode shows Rapunzel and Cassandra competing as partners in The Contest of The Crowns with Cass choosing friendship with Rapunzel over the chance to be a soldier in a neighboring kingdom’s battalion. You've remembered everything and now it's time to find the mystery... tangled; tangledtheseries; rapunzel +6 more # 17. Cassandra sees a memory of her mother telling her to sweep quieter in a mean way. Cassandra threatening to kill Eugene. ahu. Final Healing Incantation (Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Season 3 Plus Est En Vous) Cassandra/Eugene/Rapunzel tag on AO3 Cassandra & Eugene & Rapunzel tag on AO3 Cassandra and Rapunzel about to fight. Her signature outfit is a grayish-brown shirt, black leather gloves, a dark brown belt with a purse and a dagger on it, … Price: £38.99. Her signature outfit is a grayish-brown shirt, black leather gloves, a dark brown belt with a purse and a dagger on it, … She was taken in by the Captain of the Guards thereafter, and raised in Corona as a handmaiden. Zhan Tiri’s plan to obtain both the Moonstone and Sun Drop depends on Rapunzel and Cassandra being at odds. RARE DISNEY RAPUNZEL AND CASSANDRA DOLL SET, TANGLED: THE SERIES FIGURES: Condition: Used. Giving Cassandra a sheepish look, Rapunzel got to her feet and offered her hand. With barely any time to acknowledge the fact that she missed Rapunzel's weight on top of her, Cassandra took the hand and let herself be pulled up. Rapunzel exclaimed. Oh, Guts and Griffith are characters from an explicit Manga, but I know them best from the 1997 Anime Berserk. DETAILS. 19.1K 671 20. Please don't repost without my consent. :D Don’t... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Disney Tangled The Series Doll Bundle - Rapunzel, Flynn, Cassandra & Fidella: Condition: Used. The Queen of Ingvarr reveals to Rapunzel Cassandra's goal, making her feel betrayed. Tangled: The Series. Shop Rapunzel and Cassandra Doll Set, Tangled: The Series. Cassandra gets even worse in Season 3, partly because of Zhan Tiri's lies and the Moonstone's negative influence, but mostly because of her own personality. The bonding experience does not go how she planned. Cassandra realizes that the enchanted girl is Zhan Tiri. Set of 3 poseable character dolls.Rapunzel, Cassandra and Eugene. Interestingly, Cassandra's will to protect Rapunzel at all costs is also quite damaging, specifically with the relationship Rapunzel shares with Eugene. Cassandra (voiced by Edna Espinosa) Rapunzel's tough-as-nails handmaiden in Tangled Before Ever After. Just like you.” Oh you want her, Eugene Fitzherbert! this in the s3 opening. Please, you have to fight back!" No additional import charges on delivery. Directed by Joe Oh. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and … Cassandra is the tritagonist of the Tangled franchise.She is the deuteragonist of Tangled: Before Ever After and the tritagonist its follow-up series. i can’t identify the little white flowers at the back and im not certain on the pink flower, but three of them are Very Obvious . "Oh how … Cassandra is a pale-skinned young woman around Rapunzel's age with dark pink lips, hazel eyes and black bob-cut layered hair with gray highlights. Evil follows you, Varian, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra without you all knowing. Cassandra surprised and confused. "Nah," Cass waved her hand. She is the biological daughter of Mother Gothel who was abandoned as a child when Gothel kidnapped Princess Rapunzel and hid away from the world. :D Don’t repost please. Cassandra's 2nd Breakdown. The first interaction we see between them, is when Cassandra pushes him into the water and he yells how the water is “Dark. Rapunzel plans a surprise birthday party for Eugene, but those plans are foiled when Cassandra crashes the party! Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Varian realize that there is so much more than just the healing power and the decay power, that there i... xavier; rapunzel; tangled +16 more # 7.

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